About Tubbataha

  • Tubbataha Reef

    A great world of water adventure awaits you in the middle of the Sulu Sea in Palawan. Lying in a 33,200-hectare area is the famous Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. It is thankfully preserved by goodhearted people and now declared as a world heritage by UNESCO. It is considered as among the most beautiful coral reefs worldwide. It is the first National Marine Park in the Philippines.

    Deep within the Sulu Sea is a sanctuary of living creatures underwater. You will experience the true beauty of marine life by diving unto the waters of the park. The Tubbataha has two reefs, the North and the South and it has a total of eight dive sites namely; Bird island, Ranger Station, Malayan Wreck, Amos Rock, South Rock, Black Rock, Lighthouse islet and the Jessly Beazely reef.  These dive sites each have a unique description. You will be assisted by the certified dive operators in the place who are equipped with knowledge and skills.
    Under the sea, are mesmerizing coral reefs which come in different colors. Many divers visit the reef since it has been popular throughout the world. It certainly houses a precious jewel of several species of marine life that the Filipinos can be very proud of.

  • Weather

    The weather in Palawan region is almost the same throughout the year. However, it is more humid during the months of June to November. On February to May, it will be best to visit the place because between March and May, the reef is at its best condition.
    Getting There

    From Manila, the Philippine’s capital, Palawan can be reached by air travel. The Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park can be reached within 10 hours of travel via live-aboard boats from Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It is suggested that visitors book a live-aboard boat ahead of time since there are a lot of divers who wants to visit the Tubbataha reef.

  • Useful Language

    There are a number of dialects used in Palawan. However, 50% of the inhabitants use the language Tagalog.

  • FAQ

    Q1. Why do we need to choose the Tubbataha Reef as a travel destination?

    A1. The reef is perfect for those who love diving. Divers of different nationalities will surely love the richness of marine life of the reef. You will see the rich diversity of the underwater environment. It will be like a whole new world for first time divers!

    Q2. What is the proper clothing when in Tubbataha? 

    A2. Tubbataha has a tropical climate so it is best to wear light and comfortable clothing such as shirt, shorts, and reliable pair of shoes.

    Q3. What is the best time to dive in Tubbataha Reef?

    A3. Best time to dive normally runs between March and June. It’s when the sky is clear, flat seas and good visibility.

    Q4. What are legal documents I should bring with me?

    A4. Bring your valid passport at least six months prior of entry.