Basterra Reef – East Face

  • Basterra Reef – East Face

    The east face of Basterra Reef is a rich coral slope with a wall that drops to 25 feet. This is said to be the best portion of the reef for large table and staghorn corals, stony corals, boulder corals, mushroom corals and several fire corals.

    The wall has lots of huge gorgonian sea fans, Dendronephthya soft tree corals, elephant ear sponges, barrel sponges, whip corals, hydroids and Dendrophyllid tree corals. Here you will find schools of fish hovering around. The presence of pelagic visitors is must-see. These include Manta rays, giant turtles, reef sharks, Red tooth clown, Moorish idol, Titan, semi-circle angelfish, barracuda, napoleon wrasse, batfish, peacock groupers, surgeonfish, Orange- stripped triggerfish, yellow mask angel fish, and goat fish.