Basterra Reef – North End

  • Basterra Reef – North End

    The north end of Basterra Reef is a small dive site that is similar those of Jessie Beazley Reef and the Tubbataha Reefs. However, Basterra Reef has even more marine species action to watch out for.

    The reef has strong currents plus a deep average depth of 80 feet and a maximum of 200 feet and up. The dive here can really be fierce. Visibility can possibly reach up to 130 feet.

    Starting at the Tristar B wreck, you can be taken by the current to the oceanic wreck. Perhaps, the current can turn you back as you twist around. You will either be taken to the east or south. Unfortunately, the remains of Tristan B are heavily destructed due to blast fishing and tough weather conditions.

    Nonetheless, the wreck still attracts a large number of fish such as snappers, parrotfish, triggerfish, fusiliers, groupers, surgeonfish, pufferfish, trevallies, wrasse and goatfish. You may also see White tip reef sharks hovering around.