Basterra Reef- South Wall

  • Basterra Reef- South Wall

    The south wall of Basterra reef is located at the south tip of the reef. It has a current condition of mild to strong currents that change without alarm. This can make your dive really a fierce one.

    This sandy slope has an average depth of 80 feet and a maximum of 200 feet and up. Here are good coral heads stretches that are really nice to see in the eyes.

    Down to 50 feet, a wall drops into the depths. The wall is rich in gorgonian sea fans, barrel sponges, elephant ear sponges and hydroids.

    The marine life here is also spectacular including immature moray eels, white tip reef sharks, flounders, garden eels, sand perch, gobies, blennies, blue spotted lagoon rays, tunas, mackerels, mantas, hammerhead sharks. Grey reef, white tip and black tip reef sharks. Barracudas, jacks, and turtles.