Jessie Beazley Reef – Southern End

  • Jessie Beazley Reef – Southern End

    The southern end of the Jessie Beazley Reef is one of the greatest dive spots found in the system. It is rewarded for the excellence of its water’s visibility and spectacular marine life. Aside from beimg an excellent dive spot, it is also an ideal place for macro-underwater photography.

    The site is located near the Lighthouse. It has an extensive reef top with lots of beautiful whips and large table corals. These serve as the homes of parrotfish, cornetfish, trumpetfish, rabbitfish, hawkfish, anthias, fire gobies, box fish, manta rays, eagle rays, triggerfish, batfish, pennantfish, spotted sweetlips, snappers, jacks, white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks grey reef sharks, clownfish and many more!