Jessie Beazley

  • Jessie Beazley

    Jessie Beazley is an amazing dive site located at approximately 20 km northwest of North Tubbataha. It is a small reef that offers an overwhelming and exhilarating dive. Fishing is allowed here for it is not as secured as a marine park. Dive operators commonly get here when the weather is calm.

    The best time to dive here is during the months of March to June. You can get here 9 hours from Puerto Prinsesa by a live aboard.

    The diving depth starts from 7 meters up to 50 meters plus. The currents are moderate and can be strong.

    The marine life includes tunas, groupers, mackerel, barracuda, manta rays, eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks and other pelagic and amazing creatures.