Tubbataha Reef (North Islet, North Face)

  • Tubbataha Reef (North Islet, North Face)

    With an average depth of 100 feet and a maximum depth of 200 feet, this north end of Tubbataha reef is another must-visit site in Palawan. It has a sandy slope with coral heads and leads to a wall with overhangs, caves and crevices. Among these are giant gorgonian sea fans, black corals, soft corals and barrel sponges.

    Homing to the site are white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, Moorish idols, sweetlips, snappers, jacks, squirrelfish, groupers, trevallies, surgeonfish and soldierfish.

    On the top of the reef, you may find leopard sharks, immature manta rays, guitar sharks, blue spotted lagoon rays, turtles, flounders and eagle rays.

    Currents here are usually mild but can be strong enough for your diving experience to be fierce. The visibility is up to 130 feet.