Tubbataha Reef (South Islet, Southeast/ southwest end)

  • Tubbataha Reef (South Islet, Southeast/ southwest end)

    The south end of Tubbataha reef south islet is much alike with the dive at the islet’s northeast end. But, the south end has a far larger area of shallow reef top.

    The site is rich in smaller reef fish, whip and leathery corals, anemones with clownfish, sponges, anthias, chromis, and damsel fish. On the sandy patches are the common sea cucumber, sea stars and blue spotted lagoon rays. Sea grass that attracts lots of turtles is found in the shallow part near the lighthouse.

    The site has an average depth of 65 feet and maximum of 200 feet plus. Current conditions are normally calm with some swell. During strong currents, you might be taken in either direction. The current changes without alarm and gives you a fierce dive.